Where Not To Meet A Stranger

Have you ever met a stranger and stuck in a get-to-know conversation and you don’t know how to get out. Well, maybe I got good story for you.

One day I went to gym, always choose the dull hours because the bathrooms and hair dryers could be a great competition back there. After I did my work out I like to take short sauna session before I wash, and then I met this girl.

She was trying to set the sand timer, “is it working?”

And there it went uphill.

She told me about herself, her struggle when she was in high school, her study in Shanghai (or Beijing?), and her future plans. She was quite a brilliant girl, and she is young, at first I was all ears. But you do realise where the hell we were, SAUNA! And she kept talking and I had no idea how to quit. The conversation took about 45 minutes.

It’s not that I don’t want to listen, but hell no. At the moment the conversation ended (she ended it), she looked still full of energy while I almost passed out! Since then, never I take a sauna session anymore.

I wish you luck girl.

Where Not To Meet A Stranger

Movie : The Little Death

Randomly watched this movie, alone. Because the plot said that this is a sex-contained movie, so I want to watch in private. And happened to be ~ the movie is so funny, not sexual at all, well of there were scenes but they were nothing. The story is about some psychological syndromes in the society’s sex life which is interesting, how they portrayed the syndromes in some couples story.

The movie is very simple and not too long, I just watched “Fast and Furious 7”, man, I was dying! 2.5 torturing hours of my life.

The ending is a bit shocking but I already got carried away by the previous plot, so the ending didn’t really affect me.

The poster is cool! And the movie is from Australia, nice!

Movie : The Little Death

The Rest of Sydney Trip

I will post the rest of my Sydney trip now, well only the highlights tho’. This trip was made because Foo Fighters was doing AUS&NZ Tour, and I’m a BIG SCALE fan since I was 13. My sister treat me the concert tix as my birthday gift, what a thoughtful one. Actually since this was sort of unplanned trip, I was broke, hahaha, so no shoppin’ cause it’s killin’!


The day after Ku-ring-gai Chase, we went of course to the city with my cousin, Kevin. I have a big family here from my mom’s side, they all migrate to Sydney a long time ago, so they can’t speak Indonesian. We went to Darling Harbour area and the CBD area to window shopping.

The weather was a bit cloudy and humid as you can see.

Later that night we hung out with my other cousin and his friends at The Henson. Very nice place! The funny thing is the place serves beers but they have kids’ playground, and all of the parents hang out there drinking beers while the kids play wildly. We drink beers and had dinner, I ordered the pork ribs which came big time but I finished it. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures because I had too much fun and didn’t even touch my phone. But you can check out their website http://www.thehenson.com.au/ . They serves quite a lot of choices of craft beers which was interesting to try. Had fun that night.


The next day, was Saturday. My cousin took us to Three Williams for breakfast, I tried salad : grilled squid + chorizo, rocket, radicchio, crispy chickpeas + balsamic glaze ; toast : sonoma miche sourdough with condiments + smashed avocado + poached egg ; coffee : hot cappuccino, THEY WERE ALL HEAVENLY.

Not really look as complicated as the name
Not really look as complicated as the name

After Three Williams, my cousin took us for window shopping around Surry Hills area, which is known as youngster’s spot. We dropped at some cool shops, I bought a BLUR vinyl “The Great Escape” and a pair of Royal Republiq shoes at Someday Store. What? Did I say no shopping because I’m broke?

After strolling around Surry Hills, my cousin Tim took us for brunch to Bourke Street Bakery, he said it’s really good, hop on! The lining quite long, but actually the place is small, we can sit outside, they put seating on the pedestrian. My cousin ordered us pork fennel sausage roll, lemon custard pie, and ginger creme brulee. The pork fennel is TO DIE FOR! So tasty, cannot describe, seriously! Thank God he brought us here, haha.

After series of delicious eating, my cousin took us to see an art exhibition at Carriage Works, the place before was a railway workshop but turns to a big open space art gallery. Very cool because they keep the history within the original building, we could still feel the old workshop situation. At the moment they preview Sydney Buddha by Zhang Huan.

We were taken back to the city, I really like my cousin, he gets us, he know where to go and all of them is interesting places, places where we are keen to see. I was happy that he took us to Aesop store at Paddington! I am quite amazed by Aesop store designs, I’m digging it on Pinterest before and wondered when I can really experience the store. This is it! If you are wondering how crazy beautiful the Aesop stores concepts, please see this link. And I couldn’t help not to shop, I bought something for everyone I guess.

Around 5 PM, we went to Coogee Beach to meet Tim’s friends again and had dinner together. We tried vegetarian resto, which was interesting and popped out some wines. Always a great time with this guys.

Day 4 – Balmoral and Birdman!

Sunday it was, Tim took us again, we had no plan, just go wherever he took us. We went to Balmoral Beach, it was a perfect day, sunny and a lot of people hung out at the beach. We grabbed lunch, fish and chips and salads. Pick a spot on the greenery with beach view, and just chat. Oh and we went barefoot! I’ve never been to Balmoral, and it was beautiful.

After Balmoral, we were planning to watch Moonlight Cinema, the screening on that day was: BIRDMAN! So excited, and this was the first time for me to experience watching movie in an open space. This program only in summer season, so we were lucky! We chose Centennial Park because it was the reachable and the price was reasonable. Can’t believe I watched it just a day before they win the Oscar.


This day, we were all alone, nobody companies us. And guess where the first spot we hit on: Bourke Street Bakery, can’t get rid of the pork fennel taste in my brain. So good, better twice than cries. This time, one person got one pork fennel.

We strolled around Surry Hills again, and we went to The Winery for morning wine (!) The place was oh so adorable, love it! And the waitress was so attentive and helpful, she helped us to choose good wine at cheap price. We had 2013 Shiraz, got us a bit tipsy but all good.

Yes! Finally and art gallery, because there was an exhibition “POP TO POPISM” at Art Gallery of New South Wales. Pop art exhibition, never been before, and I always excited to see those kind of things. The gallery is beautiful, but can’t take picture on the exhibition but it was worth the visit. They also have section on classical art, and I found my persona statue!

After the educational stop, we went to Circular Quay area to see Sydney Opera House, but it was failed because there was a concert and the area was closed. So we stranded at the quay looking to Harbour Bridge and city lights at night.

We were so tired, our legs felt almost cut off. But the boys wanted some drinks, and there is a recommended place : Bulletin Place. The bartender won some cocktail contests, and truly is, we were encouraged not to order pure drinks instead of cocktails, they can customise for you, because cocktails are their expertise so if you order just whisky or vodka they will feel sad. The bartender slash waiter slash owner was so kind, friendly, and funny, we had great times because the place was not too crowded also. But so hilarious to saw the boys drink cocktails, strange sight.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Day 6 – Skipped A Day

Basically we didn’t go much, because the boys were taking skydiving trip almost whole day. So that’s that.

Day 7 – Skipped Again

I forgot what we did this day. What I remembered only my cousins took us to dinner at Jasmine Lebanese Restaurant at Auburn, which was tasty, never tried before. And we did shisha, made my head spin. OH! We watched Fifty Shades of Grey that day, one of the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

Day 8 – The Naik Haji Day

This was the day that I finally met my number one idol, a family member I’ve never had, Dave Grohl. So excited, and I was going so crazy, full of energy, moshing with the crowds. It was a perfect set list, I couldn’t even ask for a better performance. Concert with Australians was interesting, they are all full of energy, and they are all real fans. I mean sometimes I saw a lot of fake fans in Indonesia, no offence but there are. Really enjoy the crowd, even though some people can get crazy, but all good. It was a bit raining but it didn’t matter because I was all sweat! Dave was good at speech, I never doubt my awe to him, it was the best feeling to see your idol so close and he appreciated you. Oh yeah, I was on the third layer from the front *cry!


Felt so sad to leave Sydney, I always had a great times here. I always think to moving to Sydney than Europe sections (never been to US so we will see), and now the feeling is getting stronger. Hope to see you again Sydney, always be a great trip.

All the pictures were taken with iPhone and Samsung Camera, edited with VSCO application.

The Rest of Sydney Trip

I didn’t ask for this role, but I’ll play it

Long time I haven’t posted anything, and I just looked back to my older posts and I can still feel – deep – how they were written, how the photos were posted, everything is just real. And I don’t know how to get back to that time, when I was younger (a bit), because now my world is totally the opposite. A lot of concerns, everything is not about beauty but about money. Oh there I start again! The serious talk, which I hate but I can’t get rid off it every minute now.

I’m happy I was thru it all, it was precious. Now I am more to realistic, ignoring little things that don’t matter (like the motorcycles on Jakarta’s traffic), let God, well I am still not religious, what I mean is I don’t know what life will brings today, just take it.

Just found a nice quote from Almost Famous movie which truly describe my situation right now

I didn’t ask for this role, but I’ll play it

I don’t dream to be rich, since I saw many rich people are actually mind-sick. I don’t dream to be famous, since now being famous is a common thing. I just wish to be healthy and accept things gracefully. That’s me now, I know you won’t give a shite but sometimes people need to let the words out, and I trust my blog since 2009.

I didn’t ask for this role, but I’ll play it

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park | NSW National Parks

Just spent 10 days at Sydney, back again. This was how the first day was, Ku-ring-gai Chase! At first we had a bit of jetlag and overslept for 4 hours, so we lost almost one day. But this bush is not so far from where we stayed. Finally I saw kangaroo for the first time, yep, the wild one.

And the first thing announced was “very nice, and we don’t have something like this in Indonesia”

Why oh why.

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park | NSW National Parks