Dieng, Jawa Tengah

My family spent 2 days in Wonosobo, Central Java. We visited Dieng also, which had me curious for a long time.

view dieng small hotel on dieng view dieng

Dieng’s economy based on farming, esp. potatoes (quite famous), beans, cabbages, and tobaccos. they’re really good at it.

We went to Telaga Warna, SikidangCrater, and Dieng Plateau, with a local tour guide who knows Dieng very well.

local toys coffe shop

Mostly, I attracted to small things, like the local toys or the local coffe shop, fun to see it. Telaga Warna didnt show its colors but our tour guide said when the colors come up you will see beauty. There are several caves which believed have a spiritual mistic power, each caves named by a Javanese wayang characters.

Sikidang Crater, seems like Kawah Putih on Bandung, but this one is still deserted, not many people came so I think its good. And what a surprise, there was a local photographer who offered instant photo shots, and he brought the photo printer inside a briefcase, cool.

sikidang crater - walk sikidang crater - walk photographer in sikidang crater

sikidang crater sikidang crater

When the haze came up, you cant barely see a thing. But when it went down, you can see wide natural field. cool.

DSC05635 sikidang crater

Dieng Plateau, where 4 little candi placed on a line, Sembadra, Punto Dewo, Srikandi, and Arjuna. the place is pretty clean and green. You can buy carica syrup, Dieng mushroom, potato chips, and peanuts at the gate of Dieng Plateau.

one of the candi in dieng plateau nuts waroong (hahah) sheep!

Dieng is cool to visit. I really enjoyed the trip.

kembang me in dieng plateau

Dieng, Jawa Tengah

5 thoughts on “Dieng, Jawa Tengah

  1. six says:

    itu air, dia nyedot air dari telaga2, buat ngasih air kebun2 di gunung2. klo lo liat lebih detail lg, udah sedikit pohon disana, dibabat habis.

  2. sikastiara says:

    setau gue itu saluran gas (tau dr tour guide). mungkin juga sih, yang gue liat di kawah sikidang

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