can we just stay at the middle

These are the photographs of  Istiqlal and Jakarta Cathedral. We found them unique. Well i took these fab shots with my split camera with (of course) kodak positive roll.

It was the first time for me coming in to Istiqlal, Istiqlal was built by a christian architect named Silaban, he won the competition for Indonesia National Mosque . I felt such an awe..

Well, the area is big with wide open areas, people were just hanging around, overslept, praying, taking pictures or just playing (kiddos). This mosque comfort me in every ways, the breeze, vista, and the people. Such a pleasure.

What’s nice? I could frame Cathedral from Istiqlal and vice versa. Its cool, like they said “hi” to each other.

The camera is fantastic, why? Because I could rewind the film and made a shot or shots as many as possible, and I could divide the lens into two. So the picture would be so random and complex.  I felt like I have an L-CA.

can we just stay at the middle

2 thoughts on “can we just stay at the middle

  1. as says:

    kas,, klo ada foto2 bangunan ars di indo gw mau dong buat latihan corat coret..=)

    tengkyu before..

    *btw, gw pinjem satu foto yg katedral ye..=)

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