Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight is traditional Turkish sweets (In Turkey, they call it Lokum), basically made from starch (Indonesia : tepung kanji) and sugar, mostly added by colors too.  The textures is rubbery but delicate.

This is the original turkish delight, cubes form and dusted with icing sugar or powdered cream of Tartar to prevent clinging. Now, there are variatons of  turkish delight, sometimes they put nuts like pistachio, hazelnut, or walnut.

The pink color comes from rosewater which becomes the base for the taste, and yellow comes from lemon.

Here is another variation covered with desicated coconut and stuffed with walnut. Here in Indonesia, we have traditional cakes named Gethuk and Ongol-ongol which look almost the same like this variation except the walnut.

Turkish delight now has been re-invented by Nestle in Canada, they made a chocolate bar with turkish delight as the filling, they name it Big Turk. And there are many others who put turkish delight in their products.

Turkish Delight

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