The Little Mermaid

Sorry if I ever had post this video, I forgot if I ever posted this.

Ariel is my favourite because she has red hair, I watched it in laser disc format when I was 6. This movie was released in 1989, wow..

I love Sebastian, he is bold and so entertaining. The movie presented wonderful colors like Pocanhontas.

And this song is always on my mind and my ipod.

The Little Mermaid


Hmm, finally I tried the famous macaroons in Lindt Cafe. Macaroons are sweet, too sweet for me, I tried the Lindt chocolate, hazelnut, and strawberry macaroons. I think I’m not a sweet tooth anymore, haha.

The Lindt macaroons cost 4 dollars for two. We can get macaroons in Jakarta now.


The Best of Incubus – Monuments and Melodies

I bought it yesterweek, I know this album came out on 2009, but when I heard Brandon Boyd is doing his solo, I think I want to have this one.  Incubus is a standing out band for me,  strong character and not tacky at all.

So really sad when the news pops out, you know oftenly when the vocalist decided to go solo, the band will be OVER.

Band is the coolest form on earth, why they want to do a solo?

What’s cool in this album? They give you 26 tracks on 2 CDs, including the unrealesed tracks. Inside of it there’s a code to crack up another rare tracks, unrealesed videos (!), and photos (!!).

Check it out here


Brandon Boyd just released his own album on July 6th, called “The Wild Trapeze”,here is the video link of “Runaway Train”

What do you think? Pretty thick of ethnic sounds, shit I love him playing guitar.

Brandon and Incubus are cool in different ways.

But they said Incubus is back in the studio, so Brandon, surely you have jobs to do.

The Best of Incubus – Monuments and Melodies

Qui M’aime Me Suive

If You Love Me Follow Me

It’s a french movie and a kind of absurd but not too absurd story,  I watched it a year ago on DVD. The story’s about finding the real passion that inside of you even you’re not in  20s but you can be 20s at that moment.

This movie is not popular as “Love Me If You Dare” or another french movies -I dont remember the director as well-, but there’s something about french which I can’t describe and I envy them for that.

Good thing is I found a link for this movie, and you can watch it for free.

Link is here

Qui M’aime Me Suive