A Visit : Gedung Dua8

It was a looong time ago when I randomly took these snaps, I used black holga and a roll of positive film.

This building is an art gallery of east Indonesia, also has an outdoor theatre (Teater Matahari), small library (Ethno Library), and cool rooftop. Andramatin Arhitects designed this building, full of concretes and glasses in 1500 sq meters plot of land.

Inside, you can see handicrafts mostly by woods, also other artistic objects, nicely placed in this 5 stories ramped gallery. The owner, Dea Sudarman, said that she will never sell any because they belong to the public. So they are mine too.

A Visit : Gedung Dua8

Distorsi TV Cembung

Kemarin gue abis nonton Si Doel di kost, TV gue kan TV cembung, nah waktu gue lagi mau foto-foto muka Bang Mandra, ternyata kepala mereka bisa distorsi gara-gara TV cembung + kameranya kalau diambil dari atas. Nontonnya jadi makin menarik, kepalanya mirip Red Queen di Alice in Wonderland-nya Tim Burton.

Sorry ya  foto-fotonya emang jelek, iseng aja.

Si Doel



Babeh alias Bang Sabeni

Mak Nyak alias Red Queen Si Doel

Roy the bastard

Bang Mandra

Oh iya, selain itu ada satu scene Bang Mandra lagi mijitin Hans dengan wayfarer sunglases, ga ada matinya deh.

Distorsi TV Cembung