Gadgetry & Rites

This is an exhibition in Jakarta by an artist from China, Li Hui. The exhibition presents his art works such as visual images, modern sculptures made from acrylic (he made a ship model and an F1 racing car into parts), and the MOST COOL THING, on the level 3 of the exhibition, he creates a room full of laser lights, just like what I wanted to see. Here are the sneak peeks

My escort said, this man’s artistic character is everything that separated over, like fragments. Still, the coolest thing is laser. I quoted an interview, he was asked about the evolution of  his work, and he answered

Later when I involved different design elements, I had a chance to know different of materials, such as laser. Laser is like a subject, but you can not touch it. I think that is the reason it attracts me. I can be inspired by materials—most of the time I design based on the inspiration brought by materials. (source:

On that page you could see his masterpieces!

Gadgetry & Rites

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