The Scene Stealers an Art Exhibition by Monstore

Actually I had no idea about this exhibition, because Monstore is a clothing line, I thought there will be Monstore’s creatures or something, but no, they displayed visual art, contemporary paintings. The exhibition was held in a container, Mazee, a red and linear container, the place is not vast but sufficient, the paintings are damn cool, made by young talented artists you should envy. These are some documentations of this 3 days exhibition.

I met my little friends, Agatha Carolina, she’s one of Monstore’s founders, haha, and she was still doing her bussiness too.

She has a lucky trait, serious.

Want to steal them ?

So, the exhibition is simple but really impressed me and other people too. I really appreciate young artists who speak up with their works, and fortunately I think we have thousands of them.

Check out this page for more scene stealers,

The Scene Stealers an Art Exhibition by Monstore


Moci ini favorit semua anak waktu jaman gue kecil, isinya kacang rasanya manis. Pabriknya di Jl. Otista 39, Sukabumi, karena ibu gue dari Sukabumi, jadi lumayan sering moci ini mampir ke rumah. Kotak anyaman bambunya yang kecil selalu kelihatan seperti kado kecil, isinya ada 8 moci dalam 1 kotak. Mocinya dilapisin banyak tepung, kadang-kadang jadi berantakan sendiri.

Ternyata desain labelnya sekarang udah ganti lho, jadi simbol merah yang tadinya mendominasi jadi dikecilin dan ada di pojok label, jadinya seperti ini

Jadi agak kurang menarik ya, tapi rasanya masih sama kok. Jaman sekarang moci terkenal lagi tapi moci-moci yang warna-warni buat di frozen yoghurt, hahahahaa, sebelum kalian nyoba moci itu coba dulu deh moci ini, otentik Indonesia!

It was my favourite, it’s now my fond nostalgic.