Let It Loose

We made plans

And I learn to loosen up more when it didn’t goes like I wanted

It’s not just for me

It is for the sake of self completion

To move to another phase

Thank you for all the misfires

Let It Loose

What Do You Know About Time?

Something just slapped me, I forgot exactly when

But it’s the 8th of 2012

Did I enjoy it? Well what I know for sure, I didn’t realise it goes faster

And I forgot exactly when, I found this quote

“It’s funny how day by day, nothing changes. But when you look back, everything’s different”

Which is strange, because it’s damn true. No one denies it.

Is it how time works? Get into our subconscious mind?

I had a little discussion with my high school friend, a long time ago.


That time doesn’t exist, human created it and put it into a system


We agreed

I felt like a second last year is slower than a second now

We are busy people, citizen of the world

Are we always late nowadays?

Never enough time to sleep? Time for friends and family?

Time for yourself?

I just have it right now, when I found out I napped for 2.5 hours

I think “damn, it was worth it”

Which I could think the opposite way when it’s not holiday

So appreciate it, time it’s not a system

Sometime you can remember it, you didn’t realise when or how long

But that just it

It’s memories of your life

What Do You Know About Time?