Silver Age

Yesterday is my birthday, I’m turning 25. This song best describe my feeling now.

I hope I’m mature enough, but I won’t overthink everything again. You know now, I sort of strain some things and I don’t where that “will” came from and since when? You better tell me 20 something!

Now I hate sci-fi movies, I whined just to watch drama-comedy and other silly reality shows on E!

My music playlist, just stuck. I buried down on my high-school playlist on my loyal green iPod. I was a music digger (haha, maybe not really) when I was in high-school and college. Goshh. Now when I listened to a new music, that will be a hip-hop electronic music, top 40s, I’m a Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber fan, worst I watch Justin Bieber movie twice from the beginning.

Everybody asked me “What hit you on the head?”

Maybe it just my nature, on my life script that I will be on this part. But I enjoy it, I don’t make it hard to myself, I just swallow and enjoy the new me.

You know, maybe being a different you at some point will brings you to another side way of thinking. You will appreciate things differently, you will enjoy everything without trying so hard to be cool.

In my silver age now, I feel totally different, I enjoy it. Don’t make it so hard to yourself.

Silver Age