No One Sane, or Saint

Knowing about the NSA leaking last week, it’s freaking me out. I hope you know that this NSA  suspected to has access to every data from giant internet company like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Skype, and Apple (!). They said it’s only for Americans surveilance, but hey, people around the world also use them. It starts to make sense about how China has their own regulation about internet in their country. While this case is still on  the hot spot, I just want to say that this world is crazy, I don’t understand why they wanted to steal your life, what’s behind it all?

So now, just never never ever post anything too private on social media, try to reduce your social media portals, because in my circle everybody has more than 5 portals (Facebook, Path, Mavensay, Line, Instagram, Whatsapp, Line, KakaoTalk, etc.) Guys please! Now you know that you just brought up yourself to something bigger, and you don’t know what’s their intention. Try not to expose yourself too much.

This world is crazy. Bye.

No One Sane, or Saint

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