Wishlist 2014


I’m back to report you about my christmas wish list (actually that’s also a wish list for my 2013)


The wish was :

  1. A pair of red shoes
  2. A property
  3. Christmas song vinyl
  4. A ticket to 7 days holiday
  5. New furniture for my room

The result :

  1. I only buy black and gold this year, they’re fit almost all my clothes
  2. I just bought a house with my own fund, YEAY! so excited but it will be done by 2016
  3. I boougt a vintage christmas vinyl from Andy Williams, because my favourite song “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” is on that vinyl
  4. Hmmm, I did get this one, a 7 days trip to Bali and Lombok on February
  5. I didn’t get this one, o h my god my room is a mess

I know this is a trashy post, but I have to put my wish list on a page that can be googled, so I keep on track. I assumed that my list is 70% working, so I’m making a new one for 2014! But I’m going to change the “wish list” to “resolution”, because wish is doing nothing.

Here is my resolution for 2014 :

  1. A pair of red shoes

  2. Go to Turki

  3. Survive my independent design studio (at least I have 2 staffs)

  4. Got 20 projects for a year

  5. Build my professional website

Huff, all sounds so serious huh? I’m getting old. I hope you had a wonderful year of 2013, because most of the time I did, and I hope for a better year in 2014.

Wishlist 2014