New Movie : “her” by Spike Jonze

Spike Jonze has made some movies that you might be aware of : Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, and Where The Wild Things Are. And you can also aware the three of them is some kind of absurd movie. But actually he made some other movie too, which is less absurd, more to drama genre movie, but not really popular because mostly he did them indie.

So when I watched “Her” trailer, I’m so happy, over my as* because I miss his movie, well no, I mean “where have you been?!?” He is one of my favourite director when I’m in college, when I still have my indie soul on fire. This trailer really really took my heart, because I love him when he does drama-romance. You should watch his indie movie “I’m Here”, here is the link.


If you watched the short movie, you can see that he is really good creating a heart breaking romance story, so I bet a million dollars that “Her” also has the same touch. About the casts also, great names, especially Rooney Mara! So curious about her, black hair and good looking.

Really hope I can watch this movie soon, I will find whatever way to get it!


Artist Highlight : Anish Kapoor

Artist Highlight : Anish Kapoor

I recently digging for new exciting shi’ : ART.
And this artist totally drag me, from head to toe, ground to the sky, his art is remarkable.

Sir Anish Kapoor, Indian born sculptor is who I’m talking about. I don’t know shi’ about art, but the way he presented the object is just bold, even just see his work on the internet, they already made me crazy.
He is on my bucket list to see, after Foo Fighters and The Strokes.