Wishlist 2015

Hey guys,

This is my blog tradition : to review this year wishlist and publish a new wishlist for the coming year.

These were my last year’s wish

Here is my resolution for 2014 :

  1. A pair of red shoes

  2. Go to Turki

  3. Survive my independent design studio (at least I have 2 staffs)

  4. Got 20 projects for a year

  5. Build my professional website

And the result

  1. Still NO RED SHOES! This is the hardest, I already wish to have one since 2013. Well, I happened to almost buy one but, I don’t know, maybe for some people we need courage to get out from black
  2. I had been thru some personal financial crisis on 2014, so of course this trip won’t going to happen
  3. No, no. I only survive my studio, and have 0 staff, but I have a supporting partner now
  4. I almost hit the number, but I only got 18 projects done this year, well it appears to be too tiring for me
  5. Not happening, my progammer took my money away and didn’t finish my web

So, as you can see this year has not been very nice to me at someĀ of points, tough year. I hope next year will be better.

My wishlist for 2015 :

  1. Go to Turki

  2. Watch Dave Grohl perform (!)

  3. Build my professional website

  4. Hike a mountain

  5. Learn to cook

Here it goes my humble wishlist for 2015.

Happy New Year world, good luck!

Wishlist 2015