Movie : The Little Death

Randomly watched this movie, alone. Because the plot said that this is a sex-contained movie, so I want to watch in private. And happened to be ~ the movie is so funny, not sexual at all, well of there were¬†scenes but they were nothing. The story is about some psychological syndromes in the society’s sex life which is interesting, how they portrayed the syndromes in some couples story.

The movie is very simple and not too long, I just watched “Fast and Furious 7”, man, I was dying! 2.5 torturing hours of my life.

The ending is a bit shocking but I already got carried away by the previous plot, so the ending didn’t really affect me.

The poster is cool! And the movie is from Australia, nice!

Movie : The Little Death

New Movie : “her” by Spike Jonze

Spike Jonze has made some movies that you might be aware of : Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, and Where The Wild Things Are. And you can also aware the three of them is some kind of absurd movie. But actually he made some other movie too, which is less absurd, more to drama genre movie, but not really popular because mostly he did them indie.

So when I watched “Her” trailer, I’m so happy, over my as* because I miss his movie, well no, I mean “where have you been?!?” He is one of my favourite director when I’m in college, when I still have my indie soul on fire. This trailer really really took my heart, because I love him when he does drama-romance. You should watch his indie movie “I’m Here”, here is the link.


If you watched the short movie, you can see that he is really good creating a heart breaking romance story, so I bet a million dollars that “Her” also has the same touch. About the casts also, great names, especially Rooney Mara! So curious about her, black hair and good looking.

Really hope I can watch this movie soon, I will find whatever way to get it!