Where Not To Meet A Stranger

Have you ever met a stranger and stuck in a get-to-know conversation and you don’t know how to get out. Well, maybe I got good story for you.

One day I went to gym, always choose the dull hours because the bathrooms and hair dryers could be a great competition back there. After I did my work out I like to take short sauna session before I wash, and then I met this girl.

She was trying to set the sand timer, “is it working?”

And there it went uphill.

She told me about herself, her struggle when she was in high school, her study in Shanghai (or Beijing?), and her future plans. She was quite a brilliant girl, and she is young, at first I was all ears. But you do realise where the hell we were, SAUNA! And she kept talking and I had no idea how to quit. The conversation took about 45 minutes.

It’s not that I don’t want to listen, but hell no. At the moment the conversation ended (she ended it), she looked still full of energy while I almost passed out! Since then, never I take a sauna session anymore.

I wish you luck girl.

Where Not To Meet A Stranger

I didn’t ask for this role, but I’ll play it

Long time I haven’t posted anything, and I just looked back to my older posts and I can still feel – deep – how they were written, how the photos were posted, everything is just real. And I don’t know how to get back to that time, when I was younger (a bit), because now my world is totally the opposite. A lot of concerns, everything is not about beauty but about money. Oh there I start again! The serious talk, which I hate but I can’t get rid off it every minute now.

I’m happy I was thru it all, it was precious. Now I am more to realistic, ignoring little things that don’t matter (like the motorcycles on Jakarta’s traffic), let God, well I am still not religious, what I mean is I don’t know what life will brings today, just take it.

Just found a nice quote from Almost Famous movie which truly describe my situation right now

I didn’t ask for this role, but I’ll play it

I don’t dream to be rich, since I saw many rich people are actually mind-sick. I don’t dream to be famous, since now being famous is a common thing. I just wish to be healthy and accept things gracefully. That’s me now, I know you won’t give a shite but sometimes people need to let the words out, and I trust my blog since 2009.

I didn’t ask for this role, but I’ll play it

Wishlist 2014


I’m back to report you about my christmas wish list (actually that’s also a wish list for my 2013)


The wish was :

  1. A pair of red shoes
  2. A property
  3. Christmas song vinyl
  4. A ticket to 7 days holiday
  5. New furniture for my room

The result :

  1. I only buy black and gold this year, they’re fit almost all my clothes
  2. I just bought a house with my own fund, YEAY! so excited but it will be done by 2016
  3. I boougt a vintage christmas vinyl from Andy Williams, because my favourite song “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” is on that vinyl
  4. Hmmm, I did get this one, a 7 days trip to Bali and Lombok on February
  5. I didn’t get this one, o h my god my room is a mess

I know this is a trashy post, but I have to put my wish list on a page that can be googled, so I keep on track. I assumed that my list is 70% working, so I’m making a new one for 2014! But I’m going to change the “wish list” to “resolution”, because wish is doing nothing.

Here is my resolution for 2014 :

  1. A pair of red shoes

  2. Go to Turki

  3. Survive my independent design studio (at least I have 2 staffs)

  4. Got 20 projects for a year

  5. Build my professional website

Huff, all sounds so serious huh? I’m getting old. I hope you had a wonderful year of 2013, because most of the time I did, and I hope for a better year in 2014.

Wishlist 2014