Earth Laughs In Flowers

Last April, me and my family went to Puncak for a day getaway. Turned out to be fun.

You should ride early (around 5 AM from home), to get perfect traffic to Puncak.

Our first stop is, of course, Puncak Pass!

Still love the place, the fresh air, the view, well the foods were not too pleasing but still ok.

Second stop is Taman Bungan Nusantara.

Much much much better if you can make it around 8 or 9, before it’s getting hot and crowded. You can totally enjoy the big beautiful botanical park, crazy!

We ended this visit around 12, and as expected the tourist buses were coming, keep in mind to come early.

Next stop was lunch at Bumi Aki, you should try! Sundanese restaurant, very delicious!

And then Taman Safari Indonesia, boring.

Then dinner at Cimory, then go home.


Artist Highlight : Anish Kapoor

Artist Highlight : Anish Kapoor

I recently digging for new exciting shi’ : ART.
And this artist totally drag me, from head to toe, ground to the sky, his art is remarkable.

Sir Anish Kapoor, Indian born sculptor is who I’m talking about. I don’t know shi’ about art, but the way he presented the object is just bold, even just see his work on the internet, they already made me crazy.
He is on my bucket list to see, after Foo Fighters and The Strokes.